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Darren Brennan brings significant experience to the team of advisors at Brennan Financial Services. He has been involved with investment management in Dallas since 1995.

Darren has also been investing personally for more than 25 years in the stock and bond markets. His deep, historical knowledge helps him anticipate and address issues in those markets that will impact his clients over their lifetime.

One of the aspects of being a financial advisor that Darren particularly enjoys is helping investors meet their financial goals. “Every day I get to see people’s retirement dreams come true. It is quite satisfying.”

Darren also recognizes that the constant change in regulations, market conditions, and tax laws make it difficult for investors to make sound decisions. “That constant change is why most investors need help when it comes to their finances.”

Since he has been self-employed for over 20 years, Darren can also provide specific, beneficial insights to clients who are also self-employed. That’s something the typical financial advisor in Dallas isn’t able to do.

With his father Dave, and sisters Debra Brennan Tagg and Michelle Brennan Hall, Darren has co-hosted the television show, Smart Money Live with the Brennans. He also regularly guest hosted Financial Talk of the Town, a radio show heard on numerous Dallas and Fort Worth radio stations..

Darren brings a unique blend of investing experience and business insights to Brennan Financial Services.

November 2018 Market Commentary

          Economic Outlook The mid-term elections will do little to slow down the American economy and the split Congress all but assures that Trump will finish out his first term as President. Although Nancy Pelosi and company took control of the House, the Dems fell short of getting the Senate, so Trump’s deregulation, tax-cuts, and other pro-growth economic policies are here to stay, and that’s great news for investors. I also think that the American economy should continue to reap the benefits of Trump’s policies well into 2019, and possibly beyond, so I remain optimistic on the economy.       Stock/Bond Report   Although the elections are over, the volatile swings in stock values have continued which are being driven largely by the Brexit fiasco, rising interest rates, and sinking energy prices. I still think the volatility will eventually subside and I would not be surprised...
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October 2018 Market Commentary

    Economic Outlook   President Trump’s economy continues to show the positive effects of his pro-growth policies and I think this trend could continue well into 2019. Some examples of the strong economy are unemployment numbers that continue to decline to historic lows, continued wage growth, and the rise in business owner’s optimism. However, some other issues could be a drag on economic growth in the form of higher energy prices and higher interest rates for mortgages and business loans. I seriously doubt that these would cause a recession, far from it, but would more likely cause the GDP numbers in the coming quarters to be affected negatively by about ½%, which would still leave GDP numbers in the 3-4% range. These types of GDP readings still indicate solid and consistent economic growth that President Obama could only dream of during his tenure. From an economic standpoint, I am very...
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September 2018 Market Commentary

  Economic Outlook The American economy continues to impress me as the positive data continues to pour in. The economy is performing quite well with low unemployment, rebounding wages, and lower tax rates, but the rise in oil prices and inflation numbers are becoming a small headwind for the economy. The good news is that we have a very strong economy so I think any negative consequences of higher energy prices and even rising interest rates can be absorbed without tipping the economy into a recession. I know there has been talk in the media about a recession, but I think it is the anti-Trump media trying to will the economy into a recession in order to hurt Trump politically. To put it simply, the data does not point to a looming recession, not even close to it, but Bill Maher and other outspoken persons in the media would rather have...
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February 2018 Market Commentary

      Economic Outlook   The American economy appears to be primed for a remarkable turnaround. After years of slow growth and a President who claimed that “those manufacturing jobs are never coming back”, the economy is creating more manufacturing jobs and GDP is accelerating. If anyone is serious about growing the economy, it is simple: lower taxes and reduce government regulations, and Trump has done both. For the remainder of the year, I would expect that the data should support my belief that the economy is going to be getting stronger and the unemployment rate going lower. The next big issue that could help the economy would be a major infrastructure bill that would repair roads and bridges and put more Americans to work. I am hopeful that even some Democrats would vote for such a bill to help rebuild America and put Americans to work, but I am...
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January 2018 Market Commentary

Economic Outlook Comprehensive tax reform is now a reality and we are already seeing the benefits at both the corporate and individual level. As a result of lower corporate tax rates, many companies have been providing their employees with bonuses and I even read where a utility company was going to lower rates for its customers due to the lower corporate tax rate. In addition, most Americans will get some type of tax relief through lower individual brackets and that, combined with rising wages, could be the much needed boost the economy needs to break through the 3% GDP barrier we experienced for the last 8 years. There is also talk of an infrastructure-spending package that could be in place this year that would also boost the economy through more jobs. By the end of 2018, it would not surprise me to see our economy exceed 4% GDP growth, which would...
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July 2017 Market Commentary from Darren Brennan

  Economic Outlook   The economic data continues to support the renewed investor optimism that took hold right after Trump’s stunning victory last year. Moreover, while the current economic expansion and equity bull markets have both been around since 2010, it is important to remember that healthy economies and bull markets don’t die of old age. In other words, just because things have been improving for a while does not mean that we are due for a recession or a correction in the stock markets. In fact, you could make the case that the American economy was held back over the last 8 years and never reached its full potential, and now we finally have a pro-growth President, whom I believe can unlock the true power of our economy. I think that our continued economy expansion could grow stronger under Trump, which shouldn’t be a difficult task considering Obama and company...
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June 2017 Market Commentary

  Economic Outlook   The optimism surrounding a Trump economy can lead to consumers ramping up their spending, corporations finally putting their trillions of cash to work, and Americans willing to take the risk to start their own business-all of which should benefit the economy greatly. And it seems as if investors are also optimistic on the future as stocks are at or near record highs. However, President Trump does not have an easy path ahead of him to try and get his agenda moved through Congress. It appears that there are many in Washington on both sides of the isle who are “globalists” where an “America First” policy does not fit in their plans. These politicians are not going to relinquish their grip on power so easily so you have a President that is besieged by not only the Democrats, but also those within his own party. This explains much...
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April 2017 Market Commentary

  Economic Outlook   There is a lot of economic data that shows an improving economy and I think that the data will continue to trend positive in the near future. However, I think President Trump is getting a good dose of Washington gridlock not only from the Democrats, but also from within his own party. The “business as usual” in Washington may delay the President’s agenda as we recently saw with the Obamacare failure in the House. Republicans now own Obamacare since they failed to repeal or replace it, but I do expect this issue to be resolved towards the end of this year when we will be entering the House election year of 2018. I think Trump is betting that those in the House who stop another repeal effort of Obamacare will have a hard time being re-elected and that will motivate them to pass some type of reform....
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December 2016 Market Commentary from Darren Brennan

  Economic Outlook   The U.S. economy continues to show signs of stress, but there is optimism in the air with the new guard coming to Washington D.C. It will be nice to see pro-growth policies come back to the White House after years of wasted opportunities from the Obama administration. When Obama was first elected, I agreed that there needed to be some type of government stimulus to fuel the economy over a multi-year period to help the economy continue to recover from the Great Recession. But even that stimulus plan was botched through what Obama jokingly claimed were “shovel-ready jobs that weren’t so shovel-ready.” In addition, the President and his fellow Dems went for a power grab in the form of Obamacare, when they should have focused their efforts on why Obama was elected in the first place: to put Americans back to work. Instead, after 8 years of...
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September 2016 Market Commentary from Darren Brennan

Economic Outlook The recent GDP numbers that have been revised lower only confirm my belief that the U.S. economy should continue to underperform through the end of the year and into early next year. Although we are in the midst of the weakest recovery since WWII, we do have one of the better performing economies when you look at the rest of the world. As a result, I think that money will continue to flow into our markets which could help the equity markets slowly move higher. I still think it is too early to be confident of any market moves prior to the elections, but stocks have been hitting new highs recently, which indicates investor money from around the globe is flowing into our markets. I still think the Fed will raise rates once this year, but I am more confident that the rate hike should occur after the elections....
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July 2016 Market Commentary by Darren Brennan

  Economic Outlook   Almost every year there is a surprise event that roils the markets and the global economy was dealt a serious blow with the news that voters approved Brexit, or Britain’s exit plan from the European Union. While I think the economic effects of Brexit will slow the already weak recovery in Europe, I think this will be good for the U.K. in the long run. I have written over the years about my skepticism that the Euro would be a lasting currency and it appears that the out of control immigration into Britain won over enough voters to begin the dismantling of the European Union. I do think that Brexit is only the beginning as it appears that France and even Germany may want to break free of the European Union and who can blame them? Britons were increasingly upset that they were under the control of...
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June 2016 Market Commentary

  Economic Outlook   I can’t believe it is June already and we are back to talking about the Fed and interest rates. There has been some talk that there is a chance for the Fed to raise rates at this month’s meeting, but I am skeptical that we will see any rate hike before the elections. I feel this way because when the Fed raises rates, it has a chilling effect on the economy and we have a very weak economy right now. The last thing that the Fed wants to do is push the U.S. back into recession or the last 7 years of the Fed’s quantitative easing was for nothing, but if the Fed moves too soon on interest rates, then we could easily see a weak recession. I do not believe that the Fed or the powers-that-be want another recession in an election year so I will...
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March 2016 Market Commentary by Darren Brennan

  Economic Outlook       It appears to me that the U.S. economy was never in the bad shape that many investors had feared earlier in the year and now the stock markets seem to reflect that sentiment as well. The link between equities and oil prices also helped stock values recover recently since it appears that oil prices may be forming a base or may have already put in a bottom. In addition, inflation is starting to show in the Fed’s data which is pushing the Fed towards more rate hikes this year, but I still think we will see no more than two, and probably just one, rate hike this year. The problem is that the Fed thought we would have a much stronger U.S. economy by now which would have allowed the Fed to raise rates quickly, but Obama’s below trend economy isn’t anywhere strong enough to...
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February 2016 Market Commentary from Darren Brennan

  Economic Outlook       The U.S. economy appears to be the sole light on the hill as many economies around the world, including China, are slowing while our economy is still grinding it out. It is important though to realize that a slowing economy is not a recessionary one and you can have times of slow growth, much like what we are experiencing now on a global scale. Economic indicators are not signaling a recession here in the U.S. but there certainly is pressure on earnings for large multinational American companies that could be hurt by slowing global demand and fluctuating currencies. However, the dramatic decline in oil prices has been a major tailwind for consumers and corporations since lower oil typically equates to lower expenses and more expendable income. I do think the consumer, which accounts for about 70% of economic activity, is now spending that expendable money...
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